Women’s Boxing Class: Gear Essentials

Studio Fit Chicago has curated a list of some of the top boxing workout gear for women. We also want to highlight some of the benefits that women’s boxing class has to offer you.

Women’s boxing is a huge workout trend that’s becoming ever more popular within the women’s fitness community.  It’s so big that even Victoria’s Secret models are throwing punches in the latest knockout workout to gain popularity in big-city fitness studios, including those here in Chicago.

Why are women’s boxing classes so popular?

While you might picture ladies standing in front of a punching bag, sweating it off by throwing punches, you’re only partially right. Boxing is about more than getting the gloves on and slugging away.

It’s the ultimate combination of cardio and resistance training. Classes vary from studio to studio, but most classes involve a full-body workout. Your body is in motion in all directions – from side to side and forward to backwards.

Group of ladies warming up for kickboxing in lincoln parkIn women’s boxing, you may also do jumping jacks, jump rope, squats, burpees, and push-ups. If you’re already into fitness, you’re likely doing many of these things already.

But, boxing classes also include exercises that are more on target with the sport, such as high kicks, shadowboxing, foot drills, and as you would expect, punching a bag or perhaps a partner you’re sparring with.

Women’s boxing is a challenging workout, but in a safe environment, where you can perform at your own skill level. Each movement of women’s boxing is not always about conquering someone else. It’s about overcoming and conquering yourself.

It’s a more technical and deliberate sport for women that teaches a lot about self-control, perseverance, and determination. When boxing moves are combined with other popular fitness formats like dance, the fun is next level for class enthusiasts.

What are some of the other benefits of boxing?

We’ve already talked about how women’s boxing conditions your entire body. But, in addition to the great cardio workout it offers, what are the other benefits of boxing?

Physically, women’s boxing:

  • Improves your stamina
  • Increases your speed
  • Makes you stronger
  • Improves your balance and coordination, especially hand-to-eye coordination
  • Improves motor skills

Mentally, women’s boxing:

  • Releases stress
  • Build self-confidence
  • Helps you to have more self-control and manage anger better
  • Is a great motivator
  • Helps improve depression and anxiety

What should I look for in the perfect boxing gear?

In women’s boxing, gear is everything.

Now, that you’re convinced about the perks of women’s boxing, let’s talk about gear. The truth is, the right gear is everything. You want gear that’s comfortable, stylish, and practical.

Women’s Boxing Gloves

The right essential gear can make or break your game. You don’t want your boxing gloves to be oversized and made for a man. At the same time, you don’t want them to be so tight, that your moves don’t feel flexible.

Jenna teaches a kickboxing class with red boxing glovesDon’t be tempted to settle for any number of unisex boxing gloves on the market. They’re often just not made ideally for women’s narrower hands. The right gloves will offer just the right amount of support for your wrists, while hugging your fingers a little more than unisex gloves will do. It’s important to wear gloves with the right fit.

You also want them to last. Think about it. They’ll be taking a lot of abuse with those punches. So you should be thinking quality too before you buy your boxing gloves. If you haven’t already checked them out, Machina boxing gloves are about as close as you can get to boxing gloves that are designed with women in mind.


Women’s Boxing Apparel

Choosing the right clothes is just as important as choosing the right gloves. Because you’ll be wearing gloves during your boxing class, you won’t be able to adjust your clothes if they don’t fit right.

So a huge consideration is to pick out the right boxing outfit that’ll stay in place. You won’t want your pants to slide down or your shirt to rise up.

Women wrapping boxing bandages before a classYou need to remember that you’ll sweat. In fact, you’ll sweat a lot. So you’ll want to be sure you have fabrics that absorb your sweat and are cool and breathable like this sweat-wicking top that Nike offers. Pair it up with training tights or boxing trunks similar to the ones that Adidas offers that will be comfortable as you move around.

Ideally, you should try out your boxing gear before class to be sure it’s the right fit for what you need.

You may also think about pulling your head back with a headband similar to this one offered from Luluemon.

Finally, let’s talk about what makes the perfect pair of women’s boxing shoes. Ideally, you’ll wear something that is lightweight, breathable, has a low heel, and a good deal of ankle support. A smooth surface on the bottoms is also a good choice as you slide around the studio during your boxing moves.

Some manufacturers understand what makes the perfect boxing shoe, like this one Reebok offers. It’s made of mesh and has an ankle strap for added support.

But, because they’re tailored for boxing, they can be an investment, so some female boxing enthusiasts prefer to stick to cross trainers. Even though a quality pair of cross trainers also come with a bit more hefty price tag, they’re more versatile and are good for every avenue of fitness. So, if you decide boxing isn’t for you, you’re not out on your investment.

All in all, the right gear is essential to have in a studio boxing class. You may choose to pick something out that’s geared just for boxing. Or, you may decide to be more practical and wear something that works for all your fitness activities.

Either way, just make sure your workout gear moves well with you and allows you to breathe easy. It also doesn’t hurt to have something stylish as you enjoy your new favorite sport! Now go lace up your shoes, warm-up, and get going to the mattresses!