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Maddie Scherer

Total Body Bootcamp Instructor
Experience:30 years

Living in Chicago since 2009, I have always had a passion for fitness and personal well-being. I was an athlete growing up, and still have that competitive mindset to push myself and others around me to succeed. I have been a group fitness trainer since 2016, and am continually growing each and every day.

Stacey Nuzbach

Barre Instructor
Experience:7 years

As a dancer, I love a little QT at the barre! There's a level of attention to detail, technique and grace that you don't always find in other classes. It's great to see growth in students who may not have a dance background, but challenge their bodies to something new.

Mikhaila Woodall

Yoga Instructor

I grew up right around the corner from Studio Fit! Now a mother of two, and raising kids in the city I find the yoga studio is a more necessary and sacred space than ever and I am a devoted practitioner as well as a humble guide. I draw on my background in dance and musical theater to create engaging experiences that are equally fun and challenging for all levels!

Andriana Pachella

WERQ Instructor
Experience:5 years

I love teaching WERQ! I taught many other classes in my past life: bootcamp, battle ropes, strength training, cardio blast, barre, etc. But when I had a career change and stopped doing fitness full time, WERQ was the only format I held on to. Teaching WERQ never feels like a job to me, I feel genuine excitement to go to the gym and dance. Since I do work full-time primarily outside of the fitness world now, I also appreciate that it is pre-choreographed. I can be extremely prepared for every class with minimal prep time and can put my energy into making the routines fun, not on making the routines.

Krissy Rybicki

Yoga Instructor

I like teaching Yoga and Cardio Dance the most. I think it's amazing all that the body can do and I like celebrating it through both of these formats. I feel free when I practice yoga and dance.