The Most Popular Dance Fitness Trends for 2018

Women are ditching the gym in search for more fun and excitement in their workout routines. Dance fitness classes are the latest workout trend for millennial to Gen X (to even baby boomer) women as it combines the latest dance trends with a fitness routine that blends well with the active lifestyle of the younger generation.

Dance Has Become Addicting

Today’s generation are likely more health conscious than any previous generation for a variety of reasons. Working out is an important component of todays goals for overall mind body health, as well as being a great way to get involved in a fun community environment.

While previous generations steered more in favor of gyms, it just doesn’t cut it for Generation Y women. They want a departure from the monotonous exercise of yesterday and want a more challenging and fun workout.

The Power of a Community Atmosphere

The younger generation fitness enthusiast also desires more of a shared experience with others who have the same goals and appreciate the same levels of excitement. The community atmosphere offered in dance fitness classes are one thing that drives its popularity.

Group workouts that involve some of the more popular dance fitness trends have become an addiction of sorts for many millennials. The enthusiasts crave the adrenaline-pumping moves and excitement that dance fitness offers, and the popularity of its classes is soaring because of it.

Generation Y women are also goal setters. It’s no longer enough to just go through the motions of traditional exercise. Setting goals is important to millennials as they hold themselves accountable. The group setting of dance fitness is the ideal platform to achieve their objectives.

All in all, millennial women want fitness, but it doesn’t end there. They want a complete experience of accomplishing their goals while staying on top of the latest trends. Most of all, they want to have fun with other like-minded women who all want the same thing.

Popular Dance Fitness Classes Today

While Zumba and other lower impact dance and fitness routines are just fine for the baby boomer generation, Generation Y fitness fanatics want more.

They want a dance fitness routine that’s exhilarating, booty-shakin’, challenging, innovative and most of all, fun! In fact, they want a routine that doesn’t seem like exercise at all.

Some of the more popular dance fitness trends are:

  •  Vibrant and energetic Cardio Dance
  • Pole Dancing fitness, high-energy Bollywood Dance
  • WERQing it out to the hottest pop and hip-hop hits of today.


The trendier dance fitness classes seem to deliver what millennials want:

  • Cardio Dance: Cardio dance is a high-energy cardio workout that’s perfect for those who need more than a monotonous and boring fitness activity to get their blood flowing. It’s the perfect combination of working out and dancing. In addition, it provides an opportunity to improve your dance moves for going out, weddings, and when you just want to look good on the dance floor!
  • Fiyah Fit: Fiyah fit incorporates something unique into the millennial fitness routine. It’s high-energy, fun and fabulously feminine. Dance fitness lovers get to move to the beat of Afro-Caribbean music while having the workout experience of their dreams.
  • WERQ Fitness: Pop and hip hop music lovers are drawn to WERQ fitness classes because of its fusion of athletic movements combined with the latest dance steps. This type of WERQout really burns calories and gets millennials in shape.
  • Pole Dancing: Pole dancing has become one of the hottest millennial trends. It enables all levels of dance and fitness lovers to do maneuvers one might ordinarily be unable to do otherwise. Pole dancers turn their world upside down while building and toning the muscles in their body. It’s also great at building self-esteem.
  • Bollywood Dance Fitness: The Bollywood dance craze has taken the Western world by storm. It’s exotic, energetic, invigorating, vibrant, graceful, eclectic and fun! Bollywood dance is a global hit inspired by the Mumbai culture and fused with Western styles of choreography that include funk, jazz, contemporary, ballet, hip-hop and more.


The millennial dance fitness classes of the Generation Y culture are fun and creative. Best of all, they don’t seem like a workout to the millions who are addicted to them.

Burning calories and building muscle are the ultimate goal of fitness lovers, but there are added bonuses for those flocking to dance fitness classes around the country. They’re having the time of their lives.