6 Yoga Stretches To Open Up Your Hips

Puslished on: March 30, 2022

Whether brought on by overuse or inactivity, tight hips can be quite a nuisance. They can cause pain, tenderness, swelling, decreased strength, muscle spasms, stiffness, and reduced mobility.  To lessen and relieve the discomfort it causes, there are certain exercises for hip pain that can help. In this article, we’ll go over six yoga poses that will help loosen your hips and guide you in your journey to greater flexibility.       1. Yogi Squat (Malasana)  This yoga pose…Read More

Free yoga resources and classes for chicago 2019

Free and Helpful Public Yoga Resources for Lincoln Park Chicago IL

Puslished on: June 08, 2019

Chicago’s fitness enthusiasts are excited that summer is drawing near. It’ll be a great time to get your fitness game on and what better way than to take a few yoga classes. To help you out, we’ll show you a few free and helpful public yoga resources for Chicago’s Lincoln Park residents. But first, let’s learn more about why yoga’s so popular with the crowds. Yoga is a wonderful fitness tool because nearly anyone at any fitness level can thrive…Read More

He Mugs Me Not Women’s Self Defense Workshop

Puslished on: December 31, 2018

He-mugs-me-not!  is applicable self-defense based on vital strikes, an understanding of joint manipulating, and basic escape from common grips and holds that help to equalize strength disparities between assailant and potential victims to keep you SAFE (**only to be used in emergencies and for defense of oneself or a loved one, NOT for  vigilantism or in place of using the proper channels of law or criminal justice **).  This course is intended to increase both confidence and execution of fast, effective…Read More

Women’s Boxing Class: Gear Essentials

Puslished on: August 23, 2018

Studio Fit Chicago has curated a list of some of the top boxing workout gear for women. We also want to highlight some of the benefits that women’s boxing class has to offer you. Women’s boxing is a huge workout trend that’s becoming ever more popular within the women’s fitness community.  It’s so big that even Victoria’s Secret models are throwing punches in the latest knockout workout to gain popularity in big-city fitness studios, including those here in Chicago. Why…Read More

The Longevity of Female Fitness Classes Explained

Puslished on: August 18, 2018

Female fitness classes continue to grow in popularity in the Chicago area, as well as other major cities in the US, and there’s no sign of it letting up anytime soon. While the individual trends may evolve, group fitness classes at all-women’s fitness studios seem to be here to stay. What are the driving factors that make women head to the studio? We have the answers that show why women’s fitness classes will always remain popular. Today, it’s about more…Read More

The Most Popular Dance Fitness Trends for 2018

Puslished on: May 22, 2018

Women are ditching the gym in search for more fun and excitement in their workout routines. Dance fitness classes are the latest workout trend for millennial to Gen X (to even baby boomer) women as it combines the latest dance trends with a fitness routine that blends well with the active lifestyle of the younger generation. Dance Has Become Addicting Today’s generation are likely more health conscious than any previous generation for a variety of reasons. Working out is an…Read More