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Welcome to Studio Fit Chicago

Studio Fit Chicago is Chicago’s first and only all-female fitness studio. Run by women dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals, Studio Fit empowers women to feel confident and comfortable while finding their perfect exercise fit.

Studio Fit is more than just an exercise studio. We are a safe haven for women looking to make new friends, be proud of their bodies, and find a sense of peace and happiness from within. Community minded and results driven, Studio Fit instructors go the extra mile to personalize their classes for their students.


Ellie Rose Lovisetto

Yoga Instructor

Maddie Scherer

Total Body Bootcamp Instructor

Stacey Nuzbach

Barre Instructor

Reyna Hoerdeman

Boxing Instructor

Mikhaila Woodall

Yoga Instructor

Danielle Hildreth

Fiyah Fit Instructor

Sara Peterson

Cardio Dance Instructor

Andriana Pachella

WERQ Instructor

Krissy Rybicki

Yoga Instructor

Kristine Wexler

Cardio Sculpt Instructor

Tracy Greco

Yoga Instructor
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At Studio Fit, we know that it’s important to change up the routine and keep having fun. We’ve got a wide variety of classes, including dance, barre, yoga, boxing, and other group classes to make sure that you’re never stuck in a workout rut! Explore all our class offerings below.


Hear from other empowered women!


Studio Fit has given me a new found appreciation and focus for my overall Wellness. From sunrise barre to evening boot camps, Studio Fit classes give me the energy, confidence and challenge to be my best self! The variety of classes, experienced instructors and empowering environment set Studio Fit apart.


I've been a member at Studio Fit Chicago for over 3 years, and I can't imagine my life without the community and a fitness plan full of variety-- taking Barre, Bootcamp, Yoga, and Cardio Dance classes on a weekly basis, all at one studio. Studio Fit has provided me with an incredible group of instructors and students who push and inspire me.


I’m obsessed with this studio!! I absolutely love the diverse range of classes they offer. From yoga, to cardio dance, to boot camp, I really feel like I can get a fun & well-rounded workout in. Special shoutout to Dani’s Fiyah Fit burn class!


I found what I didn't know I was looking for: a boutique gym run by - and with classes taught by and for - healthy, strong women. The variety of classes at convenient times, fun and collegial team environment, and the warm, engaging, experienced, and talented teachers create a perfect environment to work my body.


I love the engaging, skilled instructors, the variety of classes, and the flexible membership levels. The new owners have made a lot of improvements and added a new energy. I have found my “best fit” at SFC and my only regret is not finding it sooner! I’ve never felt so supported in my fitness routine!


The Studio Fit community has truly become a part of my life. The instructors are talented, personable, and inviting. SFC strives to create a genuine and warm environment for women to achieve their fitness goals. The community SFC has built is one of the best assets you can add to your workout regime.


Studio Fit changed my life. I went from never working out, to regularly working out 3-4 times per week because of how much I love it. There are diverse classes to choose from, with awesome teachers, and convenient class schedules.


Studio Fit is the only place in Chicago that offers a specific type of Cardio Dance called Fiyah Fit. I tried it for the first time with Dani and I immediately texted all my friends and co-workers that they have to try the class. It was the highlight of my week!


The apprehension before my first class quickly morphed into empowerment, as I was welcomed with open arms by the awesome staff and fellow Fit-ers. Ultimately, I came for the dance, but stayed for the community.