I found what I didn't know I was looking for: a boutique gym run by - and with classes taught by and for - healthy, strong women. The variety of classes at convenient times, fun and collegial team environment, and the warm, engaging, experienced, and talented teachers create a perfect environment to work my body.


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Our prenatal workshops cover the following topics:

  1. Benefits of Pre-Natal Yoga
  2. Working with "Do" rather than "Don't"
  3. Stages of Pregnancy/ Anatomical and Physiological change per trimester
  4. Body image
  5. Modifications
  6. Finish with a yoga practice

Three weekly classes will follow the workshop

Chicago's Leading Prenatal Yoga Studio. Located in Lincoln Park.

Prenatal Yoga Classes in Chicago

Join our community of women with the knowledge and experience for strength and confidence into motherhood in through our life changing four week class programs.


Because of the popularity of this program and our boutique studio, we do have limited spots available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Classes Start Upon Request

Note: Spots may be limited based on demand.

So, contact Studio Fit Chicago today to get YOUR program details and reserve your spot

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Next Class TBD. Please inquire here for more information and we'll get back to you within 24 hrs!

(3 week program)

The next available Yoga workshop class will be held at Studio Fit Lincoln Park April 2018 and will be a three week program.  The breakdown of the program weeks are listed below. 

Each week begins with approximately 20 minutes of yoga education and one hour of yoga practice. 

Week 1: Pelvic Floor/Core
Learn how to strengthen and control the pelvic floor muscles in preparation for labor.
Discover how to feel strong but create a welcoming environment for your baby.

Week 2: Support Systems
Address the importance of strengthening your supportive muscles
Feel comfortable with the idea of needing/requesting physical and emotional support
Create a sense of strength and empowerment within your own physical body

Week 3: Applying Yoga to Common Discomforts and the Importance of Self-Care/Yoga Nidra
Discussing common aches and pains/discomforts in the body and how to ease these discomforts with certain poses

The importance of self-care during all stages of pregnancy with a focus on relaxation.

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