Classes & Rates

New clients, try us for free by selecting “Free Week Pass” when you register for class. **Offer not valid for Gilt City users. 

Studio Fit is dedicated to giving the women of Chicago an opportunity to challenge themselves to reaching their fitness goals. We understand that new workouts keep things interesting and we plan on offering new classes as the fitness trends change to keep you motivated! Have a suggestion for a new class or timeslot? Drop us a line on the contact page!

Please note that socks are required for all classes.



Experience a full body workout by pairing weights and resistance props with isometric movements and high repetition. The muscle groups are targeted and worked to the point of exhaustion, followed by a series of ballet barre stretches, creating long and lean results.

Cardio Kick

Cardio Kick is a high energy, heart pumping workout! This class incorporates basic kickboxing moves with the use of weighted gloves to maximize cardiovascular health.


BarreFlow fuses exercises from barre, yoga, and pilates. This class burns calories and the dynamic blend of movement increases muscle tone, strength, balance, and agility, while leaving you feeling centered and calm.

Cardio Dance

Cardio Dance is one hour of traditional cardio moves combined with dance choreography and the latest dance music. Expect a fun, high-energy dance party! No dance experience necessary – all levels welcome.

Yoga Sculpt

Not your average yoga class! Yoga Sculpt uses a combination of yoga inspired movements and innovative resistance exercises for increased muscle endurance. This workout will build strength, stamina, and flexibility. Combining a vigorous lunge series with extended standing balance and floor stretch moves, the routine flows from one pose to the next while working toward total body/mind harmony.

Cardio Sculpt

A tabata style workout, Cardio Sculpt offers the ideal combination of cardiovascular and muscle-sculpting exercises. Experience 40 minutes of heart pumping cardio intervals mixed in with weight training for extra toning, followed by a cool down and stretching.

Total Body Bootcamp

Challenge yourself in this one-of-a-kind bootcamp that mixes calisthenics, body weight exercises, cardio, and strength training with various weights and props.  Be prepared for some high intensity training and take your strength, stamina, and agility to the next level!


*Ask about bridal packages,  private classes, and parties!